Friday, January 28

School health protocol: what are the new rules announced by Jean Castex?

Invited this Monday evening to the 8 p.m. newspaper of France 2, Prime Minister Jean Castex made new announcements concerning the health protocol at school, in particular on the policy of screening tests, to simplify the daily life of students, their parents and teachers.

Despite criticism of the massive use of screening tests, including for children, which have led to huge queues around pharmacies in recent days, the Prime Minister has been clear: he is not There is no question of letting our guard down or slowing down on screening, and the main objective is still to keep schools open.

However, he claims to have heard the concerns of parents and teachers, who feel overwhelmed by the health protocol in force in schools. This is why Jean Castex announced three “simplification” measures.

First of all, the rule of not closing a class at the slightest case of Covid detected among the students remains in force. However, parents will no longer have to come and pick up their child immediately if it has been declared a contact case, as was the case until now, forcing some parents to hastily quit their work. They can pick up their child at the end of the day, and take them for testing after school.

Second development: children declared as contact cases had until now to undergo a PCR or antigen test, then to two self-tests after the 2ndth and 4th day after contact. Jean Castex has therefore announced that they could now use three self-tests, setting aside the PCR or antigen test to unclog laboratories and pharmacies. The use of the saliva test, requested by many parents and unions, is currently not relevant.

Finally, the parents of students will no longer have to complete a sworn statement for each test to certify that it was indeed negative (so at least three each time the child has been declared a contact case), but will now have to provide the school with a single certificate covering all the self-tests.

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