Tuesday, January 18

Security: Emmanuel Macron announces a bill of 15 billion euros over 5 years

A trip to convince people of their action. Emmanuel Macron went to Nice on Monday, to discuss the themes of security and the police. He notably announced a bill covering 15 billion euros over five years, which could not be voted on until after the presidential election.

The President of the Republic first sought to defend his record, speaking of 10,000 police posts created. He then announced the objective of “doubling (their number) in the field by 2030”, by removing ancillary tasks and reorganizing services. Thus, 3,000 additional agents could end up on the public highway. He also announced a generalization of fixed tort fines (AFD) for crimes punishable by sentences of less than one year in prison.

“There is a right to a quiet life and we do not give in to any incivility whatsoever, it is still necessary to put the means”, he said. Emmanuel Macron thus claimed to have increased the budget of the Ministry of the Interior by 3.5 billion euros. He assured to have “reinvested in the fight against illegal immigration” and against radicalization, while leading “a new action against drugs”, with the creation of a central body to fight against trafficking and points of deal.

Several announcements on different axes

Surrounded by Gérald Darmanin, Marlène Schiappa or Christian Estrosi, mayor of Nice, Emmanuel Macron wanted to show his action for the security of the French, a particularly important theme three months before the presidential election.

The head of state is particularly attacked on this subject by right-wing candidates. Valérie Pécresse described her security record as a failure, believing that it was necessary to “clean up the neighborhoods”. His lieutenant Eric Ciotti, who boycotted the visit, even spoke of a “France as a Mechanical Orange”, delivered to violence and savagery.

He has therefore multiplied the announcements, such as his desire to triple the fines to 300 euros for street harassment or the doubling of investigators specializing in domestic violence within 5 years. He also indicated the creation of 1,500 cyber-patrol posts, whose mission will be to fight against digital attacks.


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