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Society. Injections of cosmetic products: from illegal injections to dramatic complications

170 euros for an anti-wrinkle injection, 130 euros for an eyebrow lift … A 22-year-old beautician offered her 30,000 Instagram subscribers various aesthetic injections that exceeded her skills. Controlled during a banal roadside check, she was indicted on Friday for illegal practice of medicine after the discovery of a clandestine cosmetic surgery cabinet, reports France Inter.

Estheticians or simply self-proclaimed experts in injections, they are currently several hundred in France to perform injections for aesthetic purposes.

On social networks, their before / after pictures promising full lips, drawn jaw, raised cheekbones, generous breasts and rounded buttocks are multiplying. In a few clicks and for less than 200 euros, you can make an appointment to have a part of the face or body redrawn through the injection of a filler as you would have a manicure or hair removal. eyebrows. The lips and buttocks are among the most offered services according to the fashion of russian lips, that luscious mouth to the extreme, or plump buttocks.

Illegal practices

Simplicity of access and making an appointment unfortunately does not necessarily rhyme with legality and respect for health instructions. These injections offered on social networks are carried out, in particular in Paris, Marseille, Lille and Lyon, in beauty salons, at home or even in Airbnb rented for the occasion, by beauticians, so-called specialists in the hyaluronic acid or russian lips.

They sometimes claim to be doctors, graduates from abroad but their activities in France fall under the illegal practice of medicine, an offense provided for by article L.4161-1 of the Public Health Code and punishable by two years. imprisonment and a fine of 30,000 euros. They are nicknamed the fake injectors.

“Not everyone can give injections. It penetrates the skin, the dermis and affects the anatomy. Injections are reserved for aesthetic physicians, ”warns Dr Catherine Bergeret-Galley, general secretary of the National Syndicate of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SNCPRE). “You have to have the techniques, the habit of managing needles, knowing how to react immediately in the event of a complication”, adds Dr. Adel Louafi, president of the same union.

Nodules, abscesses and even necrosis

Complications can never be completely ruled out: two thirds of experienced aesthetic physicians have thus already been confronted with them following an injection. French reality TV candidate Luna Skye was hospitalized last year for an infection following injections into her buttocks. The infection of the dermis having spread to her blood, the young woman received antibiotics for three months including “almost two months by intravenous route”, she tells Konbini.

Complications are all the more frequent and take a catastrophic turn for the clients of these amateurs and crooks.

The areas of the face where these injections are mainly performed “are considered at risk given the vascular richness and anatomical variations” underlines Dr. Sylvie Poignonec, plastic surgeon and Member of the steering committee of the French Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (SOFCEP) .

Performed without any knowledge of anatomy, sometimes without respecting the asepsis necessary for such an intervention and with counterfeit or prohibited products (counterfeit hyaluronic acid, paraffin oil, industrial silicone, fragments of plexiglass … etc.), these inexpensive injections lead to deformities, nodules, abscesses and, in the most severe cases, to necrosis or septicemia.

The worst affected patients end up in hospitals, while private plastic surgeons increasingly deal with shameful patients asking them to repair the damage. “It is the museum of horrors”, summarizes the doctor Catherine Bergeret-Galley who evokes a real problem of public health.

Nine complaints filed

Faced with the exponential growth in the activity of these fake injectors and the explosion of complications among their customers for three years, the SNCPRE filed in September 2021 nine criminal complaints, with copies to the Fraud Department (DGCCRF) and to the Regional Health Agencies, against illegal injectors spotted on social networks and operating in Île-de-France and PACA.

The whole profession especially calls for help and vigilance. “We only have one face and we have it for life. Do not entrust it to just anyone, ”urges Dr Adel Louafi.

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