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The government is moving away from the red level in upper secondary school, reports NRK

According to NRK, the government will change to a yellow level in upper secondary schools this week.

A serious gang on Monday 13 December. Minister of Education Tonje Brenna (Labor Party) (from left), Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party), Minister of Health and Care Services Ingvild Kjerkol (Labor Party) and Director Bjørn Guldvog in the Norwegian Directorate of Health say that there will again be a red level in upper secondary schools.

– We want to change traffic lights in high school from red to yellow. There must be a yellow level that makes it possible for the students to be present a lot, at the same time as we ensure infection control, says State Secretary Hallvard Hølleland (Labor) to the state channel.

Since mid-December, there has been a red level in the country’s upper secondary schools. This means that students are only allowed to be at school on certain days. The decision has met with criticism from principals, students and experts.

During Christmas in space, FHI and the Norwegian Directorate of Health recommended abolishing the red level.

“The Norwegian Directorate of Health agrees with NIPH that it should no longer be stipulated in the covid-19 regulations that there should be a red level in upper secondary schools,” the directorate wrote in its recommendation to the government on Christmas Day.

Nevertheless, the government chose to maintain the red level.

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Should be more at school

Some of the criticism has been that there has been little infection among students in high school. In addition, they are vaccinated.

But now the government wants to soften up – to the yellow level.

“Before 14 January (Friday), the government will make changes to the measures that apply now,” Hølleland told NRK.

According to NRK, he does not answer specifically what this will mean, but says that the students will be able to be more at school than they are today.

Halvard Hølleland, State Secretary in the Ministry of Education.

Støre: – The goal is to spare children and young people

During NRK’s ​​Nyhetsmorgen, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre went a long way in confirming that the red level in upper secondary school will be abolished.

– I think we have followed professional advice in this area. Now we have said for many days that we must go through the traffic light model again. Our goal is to get to the green level in the schools as soon as possible, with extensive testing, Støre said.

The Prime Minister emphasized that there is now good access to tests, and the vaccination rate is high.

– It is time to review the measures, and there is also a basis for adjusting a good part of them, Støre said.

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