Sunday, January 16

50 geometric steps: Towards a “drastic drop” in the sale price of land by the COM – Faxinfo

In Saint-Martin, the price of land located within 50 geometric steps was set by the executive council in 2015 at € 33 / m2. Elected officials also increased the price by 30% for land located by the sea, bringing it to € 42.90 / m2. They had also noted that the prices had to be revalued by 5% on January 1 of each year from the 1is January 2016. So much so that in six years the price has increased by 34%, now standing between 45 to 55 euros depending on the position of the land.

In July 2021, the territorial council repealed this annual revaluation clause.

During this week, the president of the Collectivity will meet with a representative of France Domaines. “We have already done a lot of work and we will drastically reduce the price,” announces Daniel Gibbs without however specifying the amount he wishes to set. “We must see before, with France Domaines under what conditions this drop is possible, which is why a representative of France Domaines is coming this week to verify our arguments,” he explains, suggesting that this drop could affect ‘order of 50% “We are also going to see how we can help the people most in difficulty to acquire the plots”, he adds.

Then the decision recording the new sale price will have to be recorded by the executive council.

“Since 2017, around 250 cases have been processed and there are around a hundred still to be studied, some of which have already been submitted,” he comments.

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