Monday, January 17

6 foods to avoid with diabetes

In France, nearly 4.5 million people have diabetes. In the vast majority of cases, it is type 2 diabetes (T2DM) which develops in adulthood.

This disease, which is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia, manifests itself in people who have poor eating habits. Once diagnosed, you have to be vigilant about your diet. Here are 5 foods to avoid with diabetes.

Dessert creams

It is difficult when you are greedy to resist a dessert cream. However, these products should be avoided when you have diabetes. They contain too much fat and sugar. Fortunately, some brands market sugar-free creams that have the same creaminess.

Les nuggets

The nugget sold in fast food stores does not only contain lean chicken meat. There is also a large amount of fat in it. Combined with the frying and the sauce in which they are dipped, we obtain an explosive cocktail for people with diabetes.

Cooked meals

Prepared meals that are found in stores are very practical to eat. However, the time saving ends up paying off. Indeed, this type of preparations is rich in saturated fat and therefore to be avoided for diabetes. Nothing like a homemade dish which, contrary to popular belief, does not require hours of cooking.

The mayonnaise

It is high in fat but hardly contains any carbohydrates. However, mayonnaise is not recommended for controlling diabetes. Indeed, it is often associated with foods that can have an influence on blood sugar such as a sandwich or fries.

The fresh cream

Heavy cream is unfortunately bad for people with diabetes. It generally contains 30% fat. But there are low-fat crème fraîche on the market that may be suitable.


Sodas are particularly dangerous for diabetes. According to experts, they are even responsible for the explosion of cases. By their high sugar content, they raise blood sugar. As for the light versions, they certainly contain less sugar, but studies have shown that these drinks increase the risk of contracting diabetes.

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