Friday, January 21

A dangerous bacterium appeared for the first time in wild boars in France

French researchers have discovered in wild boars a bacterium “potentially fatal” for breeding pigs. However, it would be safe for humans.

It is the result of a study conducted by researchers from the Digestive Health Research Institute and published this Tuesday, January 11 in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Noting an “excess mortality of wild boars in several metropolitan departments”, the scientists discovered that the animals succumbed to “a bacterial infection due to a particular strain of Escherichia coli (E. coli)”, explains on its site the National Institute research for agriculture, food and the environment (Inrae).

A hybrid bacteria

This bacterium, common in pig farming, had never before been found in a wild boar. But according to scientists, the bacteria observed is new. It would be about a “hybrid between two strains of E. coli” which “would circulate for the moment only in animals of the wild fauna, because it does not present any genes of resistance to antibiotics, frequent signature of bacteria coming from breeding ”, underlines INRAE.

While this new bacterium is not dangerous for humans, it is, on the other hand, transmissible to domestic pigs.

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