Tuesday, January 18

Cédric Jubillar: Justice examines a new request for release

Justice must examine this Tuesday, January 11 a new request for the release of Cédric Jubillard, husband of Delphine Jubillar, accused of the murder of this nurse from Cagnac-les-Mines (Tarn) who disappeared more than a year ago.

This is the third release request for the main suspect in the still unresolved disappearance case.

“There are people who have admitted having participated in an offense, sometimes a serious offense, who are nevertheless under judicial control and are therefore free. Why not him, when he disputes the facts and there is no evidence against him? ”, One of Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers, Jean-Baptiste Alary, told AFP.

“The file is empty”

On the merits of the case, “the file is empty,” said Master Alary, while justice, on the other hand, puts forward “a bundle of serious and concordant clues” against the painter-plasterer.

In December 2020, a few days before Christmas, France was moved by the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar, which occurred a few weeks after the conviction of Jonathann Daval for the murder of his wife whom he had long denied, playing the role of tearful husband.

Subsequently, accusing looks, especially from the entourage of this 33-year-old nurse at the time of her disappearance, quickly fell on the husband, criticized for his cannabis use, and for delaying the completion of the house in which he lived. the Jubillar family.

Last December 15, one year exactly after this disappearance, the companion of Cédric Jubillar had been taken into custody for “concealing a corpse”, before coming out free the next day, without charges, from the gendarmerie of Gaillac (Tarn) .


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