Tuesday, January 18

Claire Chazal makes new confidences on her ouster from TF1

In an interview with the Belgian site Télépro, Claire Chazal revealed new details about her departure from the 8 p.m. newspaper on TF1 in 2015.

The one who now operates on the antennas of the France Televisions group, and who has been replaced by Anne-Claire Coudray on the first channel, admits to having “very badly lived” his exclusion from TF1. A chain that she considered to be an integral part of her life. “It was my family, I was very free and happy. When you have to stop, it’s a shock. I would not have stopped by myself ”, she confides to Telepro.

In the days which followed her departure, Claire Chazal remembers having found a little comfort in the audiences which, for the first time, were favorable to France 2. She also reveals that her exclusion was motivated by reasons personal. “The audience was correct, we were in front of France 2. The weekend which followed my departure, France 2 was in front of TF1, that made me smile. I was arrested for personal reasons, it was enmities from a personal point of view, ”she continues.

Always faithful to the 20H of TF1

Claire Chazal makes another astonishing confidence during this interview, specifying that she continues, even today, to follow the news of TF1. “I apologize to Laurent Delahousse that I like a lot, but I watch that of TF1!”, She launches. Could she one day take control of a television newscast? The journalist does not think so.

“I do not believe that generalist channels will offer me to present a 20 hours. I’m not interested in anything other than a 20-hour diary that allows you to tell a story with files, references, historical perspective. It is the calm of 8 pm that interests me, not the permanent information. I do not believe that I will be offered the presentation of an 8pm like this, ”she emphasizes.

Claire Chazal also spoke of the end of her career, and the possibility, one day, of taking a well-deserved retirement. A prospect that she is simply unable to consider to this day. “I have no date, I will never leave. I would like to do this until the end, until I can do it, ”she said.


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