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Consumption. Chocolate mousse, dairy or vegetable creams and desserts: the best are …

They are often called “yogurts” but this is a misnomer because they are not: chocolate mousses, creams and dairy or vegetable desserts figure prominently in the refrigerator of many French people. If they delight our taste buds, they must be consumed in moderation, recalls the magazine “ 60 million consumers ” in its January issue.

The magazine sifted through some fifty references sold in supermarkets, by scrutinizing the labels of the jars to know their composition and their nutritional qualities. These are their conclusions.

1 / Chocolate mousse

Of the 13 chocolate mousse analyzed, the consumer association noted that, if the traditional recipe comes down to chocolate, eggs, butter and sugar, manufacturers tended to add other ingredients, such as agents. texturizers (modified starch, pork gelatin, etc.), milk to compensate for the absence of eggs, as in the Laitière foams, or a too large dose of fat and sugars which increases the caloric bill. For example, you need about 350 kcal for a portion (100 g) of Marie Morin or Grandeur Nature chocolate mousse. We are far from the 45 kcal of a natural yogurt! Note that the chocolate mousse that does the best is the ” intense black ” from the Bonne Maman brand, because of its very artisanal composition and not too sweet, ahead of the dark chocolate mousse from La Fermière.

2 / Caramel creams

Milk, a little sugar, eggs and caramel: on paper, nothing really rocket science to make a crème caramel. But in the food industry, caramel, a simple mixture of water and heated sugar, will be obtained by mixing no less than seven ingredients, including processed sugars such as glucose syrup. Result: among the 12 caramel creams tested, portions that are far too sweet, with average contents varying between 15.7 g and 18.2 g per jar, whereas the daily dose recommended by ANSES, the National Food Safety Agency, is 100 g of sugars per day, fast and complex, from our food. The right student? Bonne Maman’s traditional oven-baked recipe.

3 / Vanilla and caramel milk creams

No, they are not part of the famous two dairy products recommended by Public Health France. The desserts or flavored dairy specialties are not yogurts but often very sweet desserts. The best choice ? According to the association, which tested 12 vanilla and caramel creams, this is the organic vanilla bourbon cream from the Invitation à la ferme brand, as well as the Mon bio gourmand caramel cream. .

4 / Vegetable desserts

Lactose intolerant and vegans who set their sights on plant-based desserts are not necessarily better off. At issue: among the 13 references scrutinized, their surprising richness in water, such as the chocolate soy pleasure of the Milsa (Aldi) brand, which therefore requires the titanic use of aromas and additives to give them flavor and texture … At the end of the study, the magazine preferred the organic soya chocolate jars from the Carrefour brand.

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