Tuesday, January 25

Coronavirus – Again thousands of people on the streets in Germany to oppose restrictions

(Belga) In various German cities, thousands of people have gathered again to protest against health restrictions linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where the mobilization has been the most significant for more than 10 days, up to 8,000 demonstrators have gathered, and other gatherings are still planned. In Lubeck (north) and Cologne (west), more than a thousand people marched in the street. In Gummersbach, 50 kilometers from Cologne, the toll climbed to 1,800 demonstrators against compulsory vaccination. Hundreds of people gathered in Potsdam, near the capital Berlin, although the protests were banned in advance. In Berlin too, protests were recorded, without the police deploring any incident. Several other cities in the country have also seen protests. In Leipzig, 300 anti-demonstrators also gathered in a square where usually opponents of health restrictions meet there. In the past weeks, regularly on Mondays, there have been demonstrations against measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus, and those which hit unvaccinated people harder. (Belga)


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