Friday, January 21

Covid-19 and sales: can we infect ourselves by buying clothes?

The 2022 winter sales, which start this Wednesday, January 12, are not immune to the worrying health situation linked to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. Something to worry some consumers, scared at the idea of ​​catching Covid-19 simply by touching clothes.

While, according to a study published in 2020 in the scientific journal New England Journal of Medicine, the virus could live on the cardboard for up to twenty-four hours, without necessarily being contagious, the delay would indeed be more or less the same on the fabric of a garment.

Does this mean that it is better to avoid going to a store? No. On the one hand, because this period remains very theoretical and, on the other hand, because the traders have already taken all the necessary measures to best protect their customers (disinfection of fabrics and surfaces, provision of gel, etc. )

Likewise, once you have returned from your shopping session, you are strongly advised to clean the clothes purchased by putting them in the machine at normal temperature. What considerably reduce the risks.

In reality, according to scientists, the greatest risk of contamination does not therefore concern the purchase of clothing, but is rather to be found in the lack of physical distancing, which is essential to protect against the virus.

Therefore, specialists continue to recommend the wearing of a mask, regular hand washing and respect for physical distancing, as much as possible.

Other uncertainties

The fact remains that for traders, despite the precautions taken, this unfavorable health context gives rise to obvious economic fears.

The Covid-19 epidemic, described as a “tidal wave” by the authorities, in fact presages an attendance far below their expectations, while they already have a problem with the giants of the sale online and the proliferation of private sales, in particular.

“We see that the decision to put everyone to telework has already had a significant impact on the influx into shops with in some cases a 50% drop in attendance compared to last year, has also reported at Agence France-Presse Florence Bonnet-Touré, secretary general of the clothing federation.

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