Tuesday, January 25

Covid-19: can we get used to living with the virus?

It is now an established fact: the coronavirus is indeed installed everywhere. However, many infectious disease specialists claim that it will be possible to live normally with SARS-CoV-2. But it all depends on the Covid-19 situation in hospitals, and in particular on the impact of the new variant on intensive care services.

Imad Kansau, infectious disease specialist at Antoine-Béclère hospital in Clamart (Hauts-de-Seine) told CNEWS that it would take another two to three weeks to be fixed.

If the results are satisfactory, France could then relax its measures as Israel is doing.

The Hebrew state has completely changed its strategy and has, for example, reopened its borders and allowed mass gatherings.

The Israeli strategy is also based on vaccination.

The fourth dose is already accessible to the most fragile and to health personnel.

But, it will still take time to know the effectiveness of these release measures.


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