Sunday, January 16

Covid-19: lacking staff, a mayor himself provides service in the canteen

Faced with the absences of several canteen staff, affected by the Covid-19, the mayor of Ouges (Côte-d’Or) provided service to the students.

Indeed, last Friday, Jean-Claude Girard, mayor of the town of 1,600 inhabitants a few kilometers from Dijon, learned that three of his six municipal employees dedicated to the canteen were positive for Covid-19.

Rather than closing the school canteen, the elected official put on his apron and went to the establishment to serve the 100 children enrolled in primary and nursery schools in the town.

“It’s my role”

If he was not obliged, Jean-Claude Girard explained that it was “his role” to be present in the school to replace his employees in isolation. The mayor was also able to count on the help of volunteer parents.

A restaurant owner from Dijon even “offered to come and help us,” Jean-Claude Girard told our colleagues at France Blue. “I think that given the volunteers who have joined us, we will be able to hold out,” he added.

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