Friday, January 28

COVID-19: Nearly 1,400 cases declared in 8 days in Dutch part – Faxinfo

The number of contaminations continues to increase strongly; last week * 1,111 new cases were registered in the Dutch part (not counting people who self-tested and not reported to the authorities). In the first eight days of the year, 1,391 cases were confirmed. This brings the total number of contaminations since March 2020 in Sint Maarten to 6,692.

As of Saturday, the number of active cases was 1,477 active cases and the number of people hospitalized at 7 (5 unvaccinated and 2 vaccinated). As a reminder, from 8 confirmed covid patients taken care of by the Philipsburg hospital center, the government will close the shops at night to 11 p.m. (against 1 a.m. for the moment) and the prefect will advance by one. also time the curfew in part French. (

* from Friday to Friday.


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