Monday, January 24

Covid-19. School strike Thursday: half of the classes closed, predicts the main union

The Snuipp-FSU, the first primary union, predicted on Tuesday that 75% of primary school teachers would be on strike and that half of the schools would be closed on Thursday, as part of a national mobilization against the Covid-19 protocol.

“This historic mobilization by its magnitude over the last twenty years is not ‘a strike against the virus’ but illustrates the growing fed up in schools,” wrote the union in a press release. The Snuipp-FSU denounces “deteriorating working conditions” and “the permanent lies of the Minister of Education”, Jean-Michel Blanquer.

“We do not strike against a virus”, tackle Blanquer

The latter had launched Tuesday morning: “We do not strike against a virus.” He added that around 10,000 classes were currently closed because of the virus, or 2% of the total.

“It’s a shame to have a day that will further disrupt the system,” he added.

The minister particularly annoyed the educational community by announcing the evolution of the protocol (with three necessary tests when a child is in contact) the day before the start of the January school year, in an interview with Le Parisien, and not through the usual channels.

Simplifications announced by Castex, without calming the discontent

Monday evening, in a desire to calm the discontent and to put an end to the mess, Jean Castex had announced a relaxation of the health protocol. A “” simplification “, to use his word.

Main change, three self-tests will suffice when a child is declared a contact case. Until now, it was first necessary to carry out a PCR or an antigen, then two self-tests on D + 2 and D + 4. Hence the long lines in front of pharmacies, overwhelmed …

But these changes did not calm the discontent.

“Patience and benevolence”, asks Macron

For his part, Emmanuel Macron declared that he understood the “weariness” of the educational community.

“I think we must all arm ourselves with a little patience, kindness, adjust things with pragmatism,” he said on Tuesday during an exchange with journalists.

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