Tuesday, January 25

Daniel Høglund convicted of drunk driving

The TV profile Daniel Høglund has been sentenced to 35 days probation after he was arrested for drunk driving in September.

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The case is being updated!

The verdict came on Monday after the Oslo District Court had treated the case as a so-called confession case, writes TV 2 who mentioned the case first.

The Oslo District Court writes in the judgment that the sentence should in principle be set at 35 days unconditional imprisonment. At the request of the prosecuting authority, the sentence is nevertheless made conditional on conditions that Høglund implements a program against driving under the influence of drugs.

The Viasat profile was taken off the screen indefinitely after being taken with a blood alcohol level of 1.08 one night at the end of September, but was back on the screen during the women’s handball World Cup in December.

– I immediately think that “Now it’s over”. I said it right away. There was no point in explaining anything away. I guess I said, ‘Take me with you. I have shit out », Høglund told VG after he was stopped.

It happened only three years after Høglund crashed a car in Larvik, then with a blood alcohol level of 1.92.

The 35-year-old himself said in court that he is motivated to carry out the program.
In addition, Høglund has been sentenced to pay a fine of NOK 120,000, which is 1.5 times a gross monthly salary. He has an annual income of around 950,000 kroner.

On Tuesday, Høglund did not respond to VG’s inquiries.


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