Sunday, January 16

Fabien Roussel: “It’s the great chaos organized at school”

Guest of La Matinale on CNEWS this Tuesday, January 11, Fabien Roussel, PCF candidate in the presidential election, provided avenues for reflection to improve the controversial health protocol implemented in schools.

Fabien Roussel strongly criticized the health protocol at school and its relief announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex on Monday. “It’s the great chaos organized at school (…) It’s a big DIY”, protested the deputy from the North. He notably gave his support to the teachers, who will demonstrate throughout France on this subject on Wednesday.

According to him, the testing policy carried out by the government should be implemented in schools in order to unclog pharmacies, taken by storm in recent days due to the numerous daily contaminations linked to the Omicron variant in France.

From a practical point of view, Fabien Roussel detailed the implementation of this policy with the massive delivery of self-tests in schools. Regarding the frequency of the tests to be carried out, he recommended doing them once a week in each class.

Recruit 10,000 students to carry out the tests

To carry out this operation, he proposed to involve the professors as well as the 10,000 students recruited to support them in this task. At the same time, he put forward the idea of ​​offering these young people to integrate training to become teachers in pre-recruitment and then replace them as work-study students in the field.

He put forward a figure close to 4,000 young people ready to follow this process, between the complementary lists and the candidates who narrowly missed a test to become a teacher.

Beyond these proposals, the presidential candidate has campaigned for a salary increase for teachers to the tune of 2,000 euros net per month at least.

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