Friday, January 21

Fever: from what temperature should you be worried?

37, 38, 39 ° C? While winter diseases and Covid-19 are still very present in 2022, many French people regularly check their temperature to find out if they have a fever or not. Yet few really know where to start worrying.

And again, many factors can affect the relevance of the answer. Normally, when a person is said to be “healthy”, their temperature varies between 36 and 37.2 ° C. However, certain factors which are not related to an infection can cause the internal body temperature to rise. For example, periods of female period or a little too much sunburn can cause the thermometer to rise.

It is commonly accepted that a temperature of 38 ° C is considered fever. The latter can be due to a bacterial, viral or parasitic infection in most cases.

Other factors, such as hyperthyroidism, a tumor or an inflammatory disease can also be at the origin. In all these cases, a consultation is necessary if a fever lasts more than a day without coming down despite drugs such as paracetamol.

Special concern from 38.5 ° C

For doctors, a temperature around or exceeding 38.5 ° C is considered “worrying” and also requires consulting or calling the doctor, this time as soon as possible. If it rises to 40 ° C, the consultation of a health professional is urgent, mainly for people said to be at risk.

Thus, an elderly person (with a high risk of dehydration), a baby under 1 year old, people with diabetes, those suffering from heart or respiratory diseases, pregnant women or people undergoing heavy treatments. Even though they are less at risk, healthy people should also consult if they reach, exceed, or approach 40 ° C.

Finally, know that the different types of thermometers sold in pharmacies are fast and precise. For people who place the thermometer under the tongue, add + 0.5 ° C to the result, and + 1 ° C if you place it under an armpit.

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