Monday, January 24

Frenzy of tests: what solutions to relieve pharmacies?

The Prime Minister announced this Monday evening, January 10, a reduction in the health protocol in schools. A little relief for parents, but also for pharmacies, whose staff are extremely tired at the moment.

As of Tuesday, for contact case students, the procedure is as follows: They no longer need a PCR test, nor an obligatory antigen test, but self-tests.

In this context, Jean Castex has promised to deliver 11 million self-tests this week in pharmacies.

What to relieve, in theory at least, some pharmacies.

But in practice, for pharmacies and pharmacists to find a little serenity, the population would also have to get rid of a well-established automatism: that of being excessively screened, a practice of no real usefulness.

With no less than 9.5 million tests carried out last week, France ranks 7th among the countries that test their populations the most.

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