Friday, January 21

Gendarmerie: elected officials welcome the announcement of a strengthening of rural brigades

A commitment made to fight against delinquency in rural areas. Made this Monday, January 10 by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, the announcement of a strengthening of the gendarmerie staff in rural areas was greeted with joy by local elected officials.

This Monday, January 10, Emmanuel Macron announced the creation of 200 gendarmerie brigades in rural areas. This measure was acclaimed by elected officials directly confronted with this problem, testifying to a lack of law enforcement personnel in small municipalities.

“In the field, we have problems: the gendarmes have so many municipalities to manage that we don’t see them often. We have referents, that’s a good thing, but they can’t be everywhere, ”explained Laurance Bussière, president of the association of rural mayors of Eure on CNEWS.

For this, cooperation between the municipalities and the gendarmerie will have to be strengthened in order to better coordinate this deployment of additional gendarmes.

“Clearly, rurality today is more and more exposed to the various forms of delinquency which until now mainly concerned urban areas. What we need if we want to increase and strengthen the efficiency of the gendarmerie is a better dialogue between the mayors and the gendarmes and today, I believe that the real need, it is there ”, a indicated Loup Bommier, the mayor of Gurgy-le-Château, on CNEWS.

These new brigades may take the form of new types of implantation. Experiments will be set up in the coming weeks in several departments.

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