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Jubillar affair: Cédric’s new companion and his ex-inmate saw each other several times

Séverine, the new companion of Cédric Jubillar, still imprisoned and suspect n ° 1 in the murder of his ex-wife Delphine, would have met on several occasions an ex-prisoner of this one. Two of their meetings were monitored by the gendarmes.

Cédric Jubillar, still imprisoned in Toulouse-Seysses prison, would he have asked his partner Séverine to move Delphine’s buried body? This is one of the leads investigators have been looking into in recent months, when the body of the 34-year-old nurse, who has been missing since December 15, 2020, has still not been found.

Last September, a former co-detainee of Cédric Jubillar, nicknamed “Marco”, asked to be heard by investigators, reports The Parisian in a long investigation. He claimed to have occupied the cell next to that of Cédric Jubillar in prison, before being released.

According to Marco’s statements, the 34-year-old plaster craftsman would have confided in him, even confessing to him the murder of Delphine. He would have explained to him already knowing where to bury Delphine before killing her, awaiting “the right moment to get rid of her”, in a place “which has already burned” and at a “shallow” level. He also reportedly expressed his concerns, fearing that the body would reappear because of the vagaries of the weather. Cédric Jubillar would also have confirmed to his fellow inmate that his current companion, Séverine, knew where the body was buried.

As evidence, Marco presented the investigators with two letters from Cédric’s hand, which he had given him knowing that he was going to get out of prison, asking him to hand them over to Severine. In these letters, which the ex-prisoner handed to the investigators, and which were partially coded, Cédric suggests to Severine to ask Marco to “help” them.

The body would be buried near a farmhouse

Wishing to see where this track was going to lead, the gendarmes therefore let Marco contact Séverine and make an appointment, reports Le Parisien. Between October 13 and December 6, four meetings are organized, two of which were discreetly monitored by the gendarmes. Marco also debriefed them after each meeting.

Severine reportedly confirmed to Marco that Cédric had named the place where Delphine was buried: a farmhouse not far from Cagnac-les-Mines, which had caught fire last April. She even mentioned the idea of ​​moving the body near the home of Delphine Jubillar’s lover, to incriminate him.

Placed in police custody on December 14 for “concealing a corpse”, Séverine was finally released without charge. She claimed to know nothing about the crime, and that Cédric Jubillar never really confessed to her having killed Delphine. She who proclaimed loud and clear that Cedric was innocent now claims to think him guilty, and claims to have been “manipulated”.


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