Tuesday, January 18

Judo: Teddy Riner’s surprising regret

Teddy Riner recently confided in his career in the Tony Parker podcast, with rather original regret.

The Guadeloupe, who explained that he wanted to stop after the Paris Olympics in 2024, however, has some regrets in his beautiful and long career. But it is rather outside the tatami mats.

Very focused on the family, the five-time Olympic medalist (2 individual titles, 1 collective title, 2 bronze medals) notably indicated that his career has necessarily prevented him from experiencing things with families.

“When people say to me: ‘Have you always wanted to be champion?’ It’s wrong. I never wanted to be a champion. I liked to win, I liked to play sports, first explained Teddy Riner in Tony Parker, the podcast on Spotify. Afterwards, things happen, not by chance but it is the fruit of your work. It’s hours and hours of training (…), hours and hours when you do not see your family. I cannot say: ‘I lived what my brother experienced in the evenings, with the family. There are a lot of things that I missed. It’s a regret but not a regret. “

But the greatest regret of the judoka is much more astonishing, as he later confided to his basketball player friend who, it seems, loved this passage.

“I am told: ‘what do you regret in your life?’ (…) That’s all stupid what I’m going to say. The only thing I would have liked to know is the romance in college, he says. You know, the thing where you have your girlfriend and after school, we see each other, we go for a drink, we go to the movies… You see, I didn’t know that. Holding hands in the street, the “we’re going out together” … I knew something else and I just wanted to know the first love affairs in college, that’s it. “


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