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Miscellaneous facts. Stolen ammunition, disabled cameras … the management of the GIGN explosives stock is controversial

In a complaint with the constitution of civil party filed in June 2019 at the Paris judicial court, a head marshal of the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN), Matthieu D., denounced the mismanagement of the GIGN stock. , including ammunition and explosives, according to Mediapart who revealed the facts. An investigation was opened for “endangering the life of others” in October 2020.

“The Spanish affair”

It all starts in Spain. On November 8, 2017, three members of the elite unit were arrested at the border between Spain and Portugal, with the boot of their vehicle “loaded with grenades”. Then, “seven tons of ammunition and explosives” are found in the storage of non-commissioned officers of the intervention force, reported Le Monde in 2019. According to their explanations, they dug into the equipment of the GIGN, with the objective of running a private training camp in Portugal. Internally, management asks that this episode be passed over in silence.

Immediately after the arrest, directives were taken internally to repatriate the ammunition scattered throughout the premises, while the management asked to keep this episode in silence. The weapons are then stored, according to Mediapart, “in a temporary hold not provided for this purpose. “

Disabled cameras “for more discretion”

Since 2016, the head quartermaster Matthieu D. has warned his hierarchy of the random conditions of the storage of ammunition in the room of his cell “intended to serve as an office”, reports Mediapart. After having multiplied the alerts, he ended up contacting the prosecution.

In 2018, he was heard by the General Inspectorate of the Gendarmerie, and questioned about the seven tons of weapons recovered following the “Spanish affair”. In a hurry to return their equipment, members of GIGN “flock to the store”, reports Mediapart. “To the point that the staff who work there are overwhelmed,” testifies Matthieu D. in his note to the prosecution. According to him, the surveillance cameras of the premises would have been deactivated for more discretion.

An indulgent general inspection

It specifies the places where these armaments and explosives are stored, in a building of the Armored Group of Mobile Gendarmerie (GBGM), which houses offices on the first floor.

The day after this hearing, teams from the General Inspectorate of the Gendarmerie and the Research Section of the Armament Gendarmerie went to search the storage areas, accompanied by technicians from the General Directorate of Armament. (DGA).

“Regulatory pyrotechnic safety is not scrupulously respected on the inspected rights-of-way and in particular on the Moncey site (Versailles-Satory, Editor’s note)”, summarizes the DGA, which nevertheless concludes with indulgence, that these conditions, not optimal, “do not however, do not generate a dangerous situation ”and“ therefore do not endanger the life of others ”.

The non-commissioned officer transferred to the Republican Guard

In September 2018, a manager of the GIGN specialist support office advised Matthieu D. to be careful: “What happens in the family must remain in the family”, reports Médiapart. In the process, Colonel Laurent Phélip, then boss of the GIGN, wrote a report requesting the automatic transfer of the “scavenger”. The colonel speaks of “difficulties in integrating”, of “unsuitable behavior”.

Matthieu D. is transferred to the Republican Guard. A situation that he lives badly, because he is now on sick leave. But he continues his denunciation, and filed a complaint with a civil party, also evoking the bullying and moral harassment he suffered. His lawyers demanded that he be heard before the end of the investigation.

Contacted by AFP, the gendarmerie did not react immediately.

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