Friday, January 28

Miscellaneous. Millas accident: the bus driver will finally be tried for “manslaughter”

Four years after the accident in Millas, the driver of the school bus which had collided with a train at a level crossing located in Millas (Pyrénées-Orientales), causing the death of six schoolchildren, is sent back to correctional and will be tried for “manslaughter”, according to a judicial source.

Two versions that clash

The driver, Nadine Oliveira, is accused of having caused “unintentionally” the death of six teenagers and injuries to eight others “by recklessness, inattention, clumsiness, negligence or breach of an obligation of prudence, or safety. . in this case by not paying attention to the closed nature of the level crossing ”. The driver claims that the barriers were open at the time of the collision, blaming SNCF. Maintenance technicians say the opposite.

A hearing is scheduled for April 29 at the Marseille court, seat of the collective accidents division competent in this case, according to Franceinfo.

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