Monday, January 24

Presidential 2022. Legalization of cannabis: your opinion on an eternal debate

Until the presidential election of April 2022, we invite you to participate each week in thematic debates, enriched with testimonies and reports. To animate these debates, we decided to rely on 30 great witnesses who live, live, work in our region. They are retired, salaried, head of department, guide, social worker, student, accountant, optician in charge of affairs, teacher … Women and men from the Rhône, Loire, Haute-Loire, who have agreed to become the greats witnesses of this presidential election for Le Progrès.

By joining the work of our editorial staff during the months which separate us from the first round of April 10, 2022, our Grand Witnesses can thus, in our newspaper (every Tuesday) and on, express their ideas, their opinions and their feelings on the themes running through the countryside. Debate, testify, give their opinion on the proposals of a particular candidate.

Some of them may even be called upon to meet the candidates within the framework of “Face to the candidates” that we will organize.

You too are, alongside these great witnesses, invited to discuss these themes on Our new component developed today, “Would legalizing cannabis reduce trafficking?” », Presents and brings together testimonials from consumers, sellers and inhabitants of our territory, victims of traffic nuisances.

And from this Tuesday, for seven days, we invite you to give your opinion on our fifth debate: “Can we do without thermal vehicles?” “

Ain. Legalization of cannabis: not all parents see the same dangers

When we ask Indian parents if they are afraid of a possible legalization of cannabis, opinions are divided. For some, it is unthinkable that narcotics are available over the counter. For others, this would protect against certain risks.

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Loire. At the Rimbaud Center, we want to understand discomfort before tackling addiction

The Rimbaud center is a group of healthcare establishments in the Loire region, specializing in addictions. Founded in 1978, it has seen significant changes in consumers, products, social impacts and behaviors. How does she deal with drug addicts?

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