Friday, January 21

Presidential 2022. The Kärcher company criticizes Pécresse and wants politicians to stop using its brand name

The Kärcher group is very happy. In a press release on Tuesday, the French branch of the German company called for the “immediate end of all use of its trademark”, filed, in the political sphere.

The famous brand of high pressure water cleaners is primarily targeting the LR presidential candidate Valérie Pécresse. The latter indeed launched last Thursday, in an interview with Provence, wanting to “bring the Kärcher out of the cellar” to “restore order in the street”. Kärcher deplores the “inappropriate and repeated remarks of Madame Valérie Pécresse”.

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The group believes that the use of its brand in the political sphere “undermines its brand and the values ​​of the company”.

Nicolas Sarkozy had already used this term

Created in 1935, the group underlines that it “has been fighting for years so that its brand is not exploited on the French political scene, where it has no place, and is opposed to its be associated with any political party or current ”. The “inappropriate” uses of its brand “are all the more damaging” as they associate it “with violence and insecurity, while the company is dedicated to cleaning” and “also defends strong civic values. , in particular by leading an active policy of cultural sponsorship and intervening on large-scale projects, ”the group further deplores.

The term Kärcher had in fact already been used in 2005 by Nicolas Sarkozy – Minister of the Interior and not yet president – who had said he wanted to clean up the “scum” at the “Kärcher”. In 2007, the company also denounced the “repeated use” of its brand in the electoral campaign and wrote to presidential candidates to warn them against misuse of its name.

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