Monday, January 17

Rapper Nas offers his fans to buy the royalties of his titles … in NFT

For several months, NFTs – or non-fungible tokens in French – have been on the rise. Nas is now the first in the history of music to have put up for sale the rights to two NFT singles.

While several artists have already started selling their music in this form, giving the possibility of obtaining the streaming rights to songs is unprecedented. The rapper explained, “I’m always looking for new ways to be connected with my fans. “

As of Tuesday, January 11, Internet users can therefore become the beneficiaries of part of the streaming royalty rights for the songs “Ultra Black” and “Rare” by Nas. The first, released on August 14, 2020, has already been streamed over 8 million times on Spotify alone. “Rare” (2021), extract from “King’s Disease II”, has meanwhile been listened to just under 11 million times on the platform.

From 50 to 9,999 dollars of investment

Concretely speaking, several price levels are offered on the rapper’s official website. For 50 dollars, the first prize, it is possible to obtain an NFT “Gold” token for “Ultra Black”, and thus receive 0.0143% of the streaming royalties of the single.

Conversely, for $ 9,999, the highest consideration, you can purchase a “Diamond” token, which will earn 1.5789% on “Rare” streams. NFTs are available in limited quantities.

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