Tuesday, January 18

Schools: 3 out of 4 teachers on strike Thursday, according to the first primary union

As part of a national mobilization against the Covid-19 protocol implemented in schools, the Snuipp-FSU, the first primary union, predicted this Tuesday that 75% of primary school teachers would be on strike the day after tomorrow, Thursday, January 13.

The union also said half of the schools would be closed.

Beyond protesting against the health context and the government’s reactions, this strike “illustrates the growing fed-up in schools,” the union wrote in a statement.

Indeed, the Snuipp-FSU denounces “deteriorating working conditions”, as well as “the permanent lies of the Minister of Education”, Jean-Michel Blanquer.

A protocol that “does not protect”

According to the union, “under the current conditions, the students cannot learn properly, their number being very fluctuating and hybrid education between face-to-face and distance learning impossible to implement”.

The Snuipp-FSU also points to “the non-replacement of sick teachers which is becoming untenable”.

Other mobilizations planned

The union said it will do everything “so that the government finally hears the anger of the staff”. If necessary, he will propose, after January 13 “new unitary mobilizations in the face of governmental contempt, for the health security of the school and the necessary recruitment of personnel”.

“This staff anger is not a cyclical epiphenomenon, but takes root both in the inability coupled with incompetence to manage the health crisis at school and also more generally in the educational policy conducted for five years which is damaging school and despises the staff, ”assured the union.


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