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Teddy Riner: “MMA? It has been offered to me several times “

Teddy Riner, on the occasion of a Spotify podcast recording with his friend Tony Parker, confided in CNEWS on the rest of his career but also on MMA.

He did not miss the invitation of his lifelong friend, with whom he notably founded T&T Global Management. The multiple world judo champion, who won another Olympic medal last summer in Tokyo, confided in the podcast of “TP”.

He talks about his relationship with his parents, his sacrifices but also the relationship he has with his children as a father. CNEWS witnessed that moment where sincerity and laughter were present.

How does it feel to be interviewed by Tony Parker?

It is a pleasure to participate in this podcast. He is both a friend and an example. When he invites me, I do it with pleasure. I came with confidence.

The difference between an interview with a reporter and with a friend like Tony?

It is done in a good mood. Even though I don’t have a pan, he’s not going to tell me about things I don’t want to answer.

In the episode, you tell Tony Parker that after Paris 2024 it will be over. It’s certain ?

I like sport but I think that at one point you want to see something else. A few weeks ago, I got up and said to myself: “I’m so fit that I could go until 2028!”. But I know I’ll be like “no Teddy, make way for the others and do something else”. Let’s do 2024 and after that we’ll see.

I’m not someone who likes to take hits

MMA, is it a discipline that would tempt you like some judokas?

Precisely, it has been offered to me several times. But there are interests that do not go together. Tomorrow, if I turn the page and get into MMA, it is certain that all the judokas will turn their backs on me. After everything I’ve done in judo …

Doesn’t that appeal to you?

I’m not someone who likes to take hits. So MMA I also avoid. But I respect each person who plays sports and who exerts himself.

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