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Television. “Perfect crimes” on France 3: this evening, Fred Testot in the skin of a murderer

He is a pharmacist, the mayor of a small town in the South-East and a devout religious. However, he is going to kill the priest who has been giving mass in his town for years. Far from his image of troublemaker, Fred Testot plays an assassin who stages everything so that the trail of the murder is not even considered, in “The mass is said”, episode 9 of season 3 of Perfect crimes, broadcast this Tuesday from 9:10 pm on France 3. This is an episode with, as investigators, the duo Isabelle Gélinas and Arthur Mazet.

If these two do not take themselves seriously, the contrast is striking with the role of Fred Testot, serious, even sinister. The atmosphere works well, and the series finds its usual balance between humor and drama, which regularly earns it very good ratings.

What movies and series did Fred Testot play in?

We especially know Fred Testot for his duet with Omar Sy, but it is now a bit reductive. He notably plays Xavier in Sam, the TF1 series. He played the main character in Make kids, which we saw in 2020 on France 2. He was also in the casting of the TF1 police miniseries The Mante. A little less recently, we had seen him in The War of the Buttons or in On the Marsupilami’s trail alongside Jamel Debbouze.

Other faces known throughout the rest of the season

And he’s not the only familiar face we may recognize in future issues of Perfect crimes. If the characters of the investigators are recurring, the murderers, victims and other roles involved in the cases dealt with indeed make flash appearances, in a single episode. In this season 3, we have already seen Arié Elmaleh as a murderer, then Armelle Deutsch (who also plays in Sam), Anne Caillon (seen in Tomorrow is ours), Arthur Jugnot, or Guillaume Cramoisan (who played last year in the series The Invisibles).

In the future, we will see Sara Martins (who played in the series Murders in paradise), Sara Mortensen (known for playing the character of Coralie in More beautiful life), Stéphane Henon (also known for More beautiful life), but also Thierry Godard (seen in A French Village or more recently in Germinal).

After the episode “The mass is said”, France 3 will rebroadcast in the second part of the evening episode 7 of season 2: “Like a cold between us”, in which the owner of an altitude restaurant locks up customers in a cold room. Chilling!

“The mass is said”, episode 9 of season 3 of “Perfect crimes”, this Tuesday, January 11 from 9:10 pm on France 3.

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