Wednesday, January 26

They drag two people behind their car, two men in custody

The images are shocking. Several individuals had fun dragging at least two people, including one over the age of 60, behind their car, grabbing them by the coat. An investigation was opened and two people were in custody on Tuesday, January 11.

For them, it was “the giggles of the evening”. But for Internet users, these images – voluntarily released on social networks this weekend – are “horrifying”. “Rascals have fun dragging their car, old people for several meters. The last will fall heavily, ”described for example Mehdi Aïfa on Twitter.

The facts took place Sunday, January 19 in the early morning, in Noisy-le-Sec, in Seine-Saint-Denis (93), we learned this Monday from police sources. In the car, at least 3 people are present, while the passenger films the driver dragging his victim for several meters. “Wallah, you’re going to run! ”The motorist told him. “Stop bullshiting ! […] Stop, I’m going to fall! ”Replied the pedestrian, provoking the hilarity of the occupants of the vehicle.

Extreme violence which has led many indignant Internet users to report the video in question on Pharos (Platform for harmonization, analysis, cross-checking and guidance of reports), the government platform launched in 2019, in order to report illegal online content and behavior.

An open investigation and a man arrested

Thanks to these reports, the Paris police headquarters opened an investigation “initiated to find the perpetrators of this gratuitous attack”, thanking in passing on Monday “the Internet users who transmitted this video on the Pharos reporting portal. Later in the day, the Bobigny public prosecutor’s office (93) announced that one of the perpetrators had surrendered and placed in police custody.

And this Tuesday, January 11, a second man was taken into custody in turn, after presenting himself at the Noisy-le-Sec police station (93), like his friend the day before, declaring himself to be the author of the video and its distribution on social networks.

Investigations are still ongoing. One of the victims, a man in his sixties, lodged a complaint for this assault, from which he emerged slightly injured, with bruises on his head and on his body in particular.

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