Tuesday, January 25

This cat’s striking resemblance to Freddie Mercury melts the web

He has an army of fans to make more than one influencer green with envy. Mostaccioli, a white cat from California, is currently making the buzz for being the spitting image of Freddie Mercury. In question ? An adorable little black “mustache”, reminiscent of that of the legendary singer of the group Queen.

“People ask me all the time if I painted his mustache”, reacted to various media Natalie, her owner who saved Mostaccioli from the streets.

And let us be reassured: this little black band which bars the cat’s face is indeed a natural characteristic. Enough to attract the attention of thousands of Internet users.

Today, Mostaccioli has thus his own Instagram account (which he actually shares with the cat Izanami, who lives in the same house) thanks to which he succeeds in the feat of gathering more than 10,000 followers.

A stray cat turned superstar

On Twitter, his reputation is also made. As proof, a certain “Keely” even undertook to publish a whole thread in which he compares, different positions in support, Mostaccioli to Freddie Mercury.

An extraordinary fate for this stray cat recovered by Natalie in August 2020, alongside his three brothers, when he was only one day old and lay moaning and soaked in his mother’s garden.

“At first, I did not know he had a mustache”, assured the young woman to the media. Bored Panda, relayed in particular by the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

But she admits that this quirky little touch was then decisive in her decision to adopt it for good.


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