Tuesday, January 25

Three men tried for the murder of Vanesa Campos, trans prostitute

Three men appear on January 11 in front of the Paris assizes for the murder of Vanesa Campos, a sex worker killed in 2018.

Vanesa Campos was 36 years old. A trans prostitute from Peru, she died of a bullet in the chest on the night of August 17, 2018, in the Bois de Boulogne (Paris), where she was working.

Three years later, nine Egyptians find themselves facing justice, three of them directly for murder. They are identified as a group of thieves, taking advantage of the passes to rob sex workers and their customers. Bodyguards had been hired a month before the murder of Vanesa Campos to protect prostitutes. The thieves would then have organized themselves to lead a “punitive expedition”, during which one of them killed Vanesa Campos.

Mahmoud Kadri, 24, is considered by the prosecution to be the author of the shooting. Karim Ibrahim, 29, and Aymen Dib, 25, are also appearing for “organized murder”. They are accused of having struck Vanesa with a baton and stab. The six other men, aged 23 to 34, are on trial for their participation in the punitive expedition and for the theft of the murder weapon, belonging to a police officer who came to offer the services of a sex worker. The verdict is expected on January 28.

a symbolic affair

The murder of Vanesa Campos, found naked and dying by her colleagues in the Bois de Boulogne, is considered a symbol of the precarious and dangerous working conditions of prostitutes.

This difficult situation is due according to the associations to the law of April 2016 against “the prostitution system”. The text established a ban on the purchase of sexual acts in France, by distributing fines of 1,500 euros to customers. Sex workers are therefore forced to go into hiding and avoid the police in order to continue their activity. They are also facing a reduction in their number of customers, pushing them to take more and more risks. The 2016 law “plunges sex workers into the greatest precariousness without economic or moral reparation for the activity and in the most total denial of the violence inherent in the prohibitionism” of prostitution, believes the Sexual Work Union ( Rhinestones).

Six former colleagues of Vanesa Campos joined as civil parties to highlight “the situation which is theirs and which persists to this day”, declared their lawyers, Quentin de Margerie, Vincent Desry and Chirine Heydari. They also represent the association for the defense of trans people. Acceptess-T who also took a stand against the 2016 law.


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