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TV program. Euro football or Emmanuel Macron? Who had the best audiences of the year in 2021?

The program that gathered the most viewers for the whole of 2021 is the match in the round of 16 of the Euro between France and Switzerland on June 28. More than 16 million people watched it on TF1.

The Euro dominates in the hearings published by Médiamétrie on Monday. With more than 15 million viewers, the Portugal-France match on June 23 came second among TF1’s best audiences, and Hungary-France, four days earlier, in fifth place. Same thing on the side of M6: the five evenings which attracted the most viewers on the channel are all Euro matches. The France-Germany match on June 15 climbed to first position, with more than 15 million fans behind the screen.

Government speeches in the lead behind the Euro

Government announcements regarding health measures in the face of the pandemic are also among the most watched programs. With more than 12 million viewers, Emmanuel Macron’s speech on March 31 is the third program that has been most watched on TF1. This same speech was also watched by a little less than 10 million people on France 2. On these two cumulative channels, the President of the Republic thus gathered 66% of audience share. Among the other statements on the health situation which rise to the top of the hearings, we find that of July 12 (7.6 million viewers on France 2), and that of Jean Castex on January 29 (7.2 million on France 2 ).

It is moreover undoubtedly the Euro and the government declarations which gained TF1 and France 2 in audience share compared to 2020: the first channel went from 19.2% to 19.7%, and the second from 14.1% to 14.7%.

A few fictions, few documentaries

Of the whole ranking, which presents the five most watched programs of each channel (excluding news papers), there is no big game show like “Koh Lanta”, “The Voice”, or “Top Chef” . As far as fictions are concerned, the series HPI of TF1 achieves a good score with more than 12 million televiewers on May 6, just like Captain Marleau on France 2 (7.2 million people on April 2), and the series In therapy d’Arte (2.4 million viewers on February 4). On France 3, the five programs that appear in Médiamétrie’s list are all fictions, with four TV films and one series.

As for documentaries, they are in the lead on France 5. “Trains like no other” on August 5 and “Elizabeth II: the last fights of a queen” on April 18 are both just under 2 million viewers. Among the other channels, only RMC Story and RMC Découverte have documentaries in their five most watched programs.

Less time in front of television than in 2020

Furthermore, Médiamétrie unveiled a week ago the time spent per day in front of television by the French. After a strong increase in 2020 due to confinements, we are almost back to the same level as 2019: French people over 4 years old spent an average of 3h41 watching television this year (compared to 3h58 in 2020 and 3:40 in 2019). The oldest people spend the most time on it: people over 50 watch it on average 5:38 a day.

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