Friday, January 28

Video: Bernard Tomic claims to have Covid-19 in full Australian Open qualifying match

Surreal scene during qualifying for the Australian Open. While the case of Novak Djokovic caused a scandal in Melbourne, Bernard Tomic was talked about during his lost meeting against Russian Roman Safiullin (6-1, 6-4), ensuring in the middle of the match to have the Covid-19.

His words and his attitude are unlikely to relieve tension in Australia since the Djokovic affair. At the start of the second set, the whimsical Australian player stood out with an improbable rant. During a change of ends, he bet with the referee of the meeting that he was contaminated. “I am convinced that I have the Covid. I’m telling you, in a few days I’ll be positive. I invite you if I am not positive, but if I manage to show you the opposite, it is you who invite me to dinner, ”said Bernard Tomic sitting on his chair.

He then pointed to the protocol put in place by the tournament. “I don’t understand why no one gets tested. The players do self-tests in their rooms, ”he added. In fact, players must perform a test on the day of arrival in Australia before isolating themselves while awaiting the result. A second test is carried out on the sixth day of presence in the country and if the two tests prove to be negative, the players are no longer worried.

If Bernard Tomic ended up losing in two sets, he was especially placed in solitary confinement in his hotel room at the end of the meeting. The next few hours should tell if he was right or not. If so, it should not fail to raise new controversy within a week of the start of the first Grand Slam of the season (January 17-30).

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