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Against TV 2 claim about triple salary: – Highly nonsensical

KOŠICE (VG) Allegations about Vetle Eck Agas’ Kolstad salary create waves just before the European Championships. The club believes it is wrong that the European Championship debutant will earn three times as much in Kolstad as he would have done in his current club Sävehof.

DEFENSE SPECIALIST: Vetle Eck Aga was surprised by her debut against Belarus a year ago.

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Thursday night European Championship opener Norway and Eck Aga against the host nation Slovakia in Košice.

TV 2 revealed on Tuesday the news that Eck Aga together with Gøran Johannessen will be part of Kolstad’s major investment. According to what TV 2 “understands”, Kolstad can offer Eck Aga a triple salary in relation to the normal in his Swedish top club Sävehof and in Norway’s best club, Elverum.

– To answer that question, I must know what Sävehof and Elverum, respectively, have offered them in salary. I do not know, in the same way that I am pretty sure that the two clubs are not on the contracts we have signed with Gøran and Vetle. It is therefore a highly nonsensical claim, which has no roots in reality, claims Kolstad’s general manager, Jostein Sivertsen, in a text message to VG.

EC-READY: Vetle Eck Aga the day before the EC opening against Slovakia.

Sivertsen adds that he personally believes that the two, regardless of salary, would have chosen the Kolstad investment 10 out of 10 times.

– It is not particularly sensational and it is definitely not nonsense, Harald Bredeli answers in TV2. The longtime handball commentator is one of the journalists who has signed the article.

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– This is the clubs’ perception of how things are. I reckon that they have been in negotiations with the players and know what the level is. I do not sit on the numbers, but I think it is interesting to reproduce what the clubs that lose or do not get players, believe is the competitive relationship with Kolstad, says the TV 2 journalist.

– The players have been paid based on the market value they have. They could probably have received a better salary if they had chosen other alternatives than Kolstad, Sivertsen claims.

TV 2 COMMENTARY: Harald Bredeli (right) together with commentator colleague Bent Svele in 2019.

VG has previously written that Sander Sagosen receives a super salary to return home. Kolstad did not want to comment on the – in Norwegian sports – very high salary.

– Exactly the details around the salary are not something I should comment on, says the shopkeeper Eck Aga and calls the three-year contract with Kolstad a fantastic opportunity.

Vetle Eck Aga had not worn a national team uniform in five years when he was taken out when the recruiting national team that in the pandemic played European Championship qualifiers a year ago. In November, Bodøværingen made his debut among Norway’s best players. After all, Thursday will be the championship debut for the defense specialist.

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– I have been out of the heat for a long time. I did not think of the national team as an opportunity, but I took the chance when it came. Of course you were ready. It was very fun to be called up to the A national team in November, he says and enters the European Championships with only six international matches.

He has reached the age of 28. Eck Aga won NM gold with the childhood club Bodø HK before he went on to Sävehof in Sweden almost five years ago. There he has won two Swedish championships with the club which is now coached by former Elverum coach Michael Apelgren.

– It has gone well. We play a fun and quite tactical handball and gave in the European League Magdeburg with Christian (O’Sullivan) and (Magnus) Gullerud a good fight to the door, says Eck Aga about the match that gave a three-goal loss at home in Partille against the club’s leader Bundesliga.


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