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Aleksandr Bolshunov will not bring his wife to the Olympics

Aleksandr Bolshunov (25) has brought his wife Anna (24) with him to training and running all winter. But she is not allowed to join him for the Olympics.

COUPLE IN HEARTS: Aleksandr Bolshunov and his wife Anna photographed at Hitra in 2019.

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In April 2021, Bolshunov married his longtime girlfriend Anna Zherebjeeva. In the early summer it became clear that Bolshunova – as she is now called – was registered as part of the support apparatus to the Russian national ski team this winter – so she could be with the ski profile around the world at training and competitions.

To the news agency R-sport, coach Yuri Borodavko reveals that Anna Bolshunova is now not allowed to go with her husband to the Beijing Olympics:

– There are special Olympic quotas. Only the specialists go there, Borodavko answers.

By “specialists” he means trainers, doctors, lubricators, etc.

Ski president Jelena Välbe also confirms to Tass that Bolshunova will not join China.

– It is not possible for them to meet during the strict measures in the Olympics, she says.

Until this season, Anna Zherebjatjeva has been part of the same national team as Bolshunov. Now she has posted.

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2On social media, there has been criticism that she is with her husband around for competitions. Borodavko responds to this criticism as follows:

– Like a good man, “Sasja” cares about Anna and wants to spend as much time with her as possible. This is completely normal. Those who do not like it should look in the mirror.

Aleksandr Bolshunov – nicknamed “Sasha” – has in previous interviews expressed that the support from Anna is important to him.

– He needs psychological support. I notice it now, I did not do it before, she told MatchTV last winter.

At the same time, Bolshunova admitted that not everyone is equally happy that she is always with him around:

– I have registered some criticism against me. I’m not responding to that. The most important thing is that “Sasja” is doing well.

Yuri Borodavko is also asked by R-sport Johannes Høsflot Klæbo’s extremely strong Tour de Ski scares him:

– Of course, questions arise. So far, Klæbo has shown excellent form.

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He also answers how Bolshunov has reacted to being beaten by the Norwegian:

– Aleksandr is the type who goes for victory in every race he competes in. If something goes wrong, he gets worried and carries it. In such moments, it is not wise to try to penetrate his soul and ask stupid questions. It must take some time so that he can think of the next step and how to raise the form.

The two married in April 2021:

The next two World Cup races in cross-country skiing have been postponed – something that does not suit the Russians. They had planned to participate in both, and this was also to be part of the selection for the various distances in the Olympics.

– We will in any case have a test race before the Olympics. Maybe there is a continental cup or alpine cup or something we can participate in, says Jelena Välbe to R-sport.

PS: “Sasja” is the Russian nickname for men christened Aleksandr.

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