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Boris Johnson admits to having been to an illegal garden party

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson apologized to the British at the start of Question Time on Wednesday.

Boris Johnson had a rough day in the British Parliament on Wednesday.

It’s storming around Britain’s controversial prime minister. On Wednesday, he had to appear in Parliament’s Question Time. The accusations are that he broke the very strict corona rules on May 20 last year.

The British were then only allowed to meet one person outdoors outside of people in their own household. British media have in recent days revealed that there was a garden company outside 10 Downing Street, the prime minister’s residence and office.

Johnson admitted at the start of the meeting that he had been to the garden party. He apologized for saying that he thought it was okay and that it was a work-related event.

Johnson says he left the party after 25 minutes.

Labor leader demands Johnson’s resignation

Labor leader Keir Starmer is asking Prime Minister Boris Johnson to “do the right thing” and resign after the garden party scandal.

Starmer accuses the prime minister of «months of deception and deception».

– This is a pathetic spectacle from a man who has run out of money, says Starmer, and adds that Johnson should “do the right thing and step back”.

Labour-leder Keir Starmer.

Starmer notes that former health minister Matt Hancock resigned when he broke the rules. So did his former adviser Allegra Stratton after a video in which she joked about a party.

– Why does he think the rules do not apply to himself, Starmer said in a comment addressed to the Prime Minister.

Ian Blackford, the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, also asked Johnson to resign. Johnson asked Blackford to wait until an independent investigation of the event is ready.

Blackford responded by saying that “the prime minister has no shame”.

Sharp criticism

The headlines in the British media were not gracious to Johnson on Wednesday before Question Time.

On Monday, an e-mail was leaked to show that a senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office invited more than 100 colleagues to a gathering in the garden of the Prime Minister’s residence 10 Downing Street in May 2020.

Employees were encouraged to bring their own drinks. Anonymous witnesses claim Johnson and his wife Carrie attended the event.

The problem for Johnson is that in May 2020, the UK was in the midst of its first shutdown. At the same time, the authorities forbade people to gather, also outdoors, and there were strict restrictions on what was allowed by contact with other people, also at funerals.

Christmas table and Christmas parties

The leaked email is the latest in a series of allegations that have surfaced in the past month about such parties and gatherings in Downing Street. It has previously been revealed that there will have been several Christmas parties and Christmas parties in Downing Street before Christmas in 2020 – even then while the UK was closed down.

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Johnson’s Conservative party has already noticed voters’ outrage over the revelations. The party is raging in the polls and the opposition is demanding Johnson’s resignation.

During question time at 1 pm Norwegian time on Wednesday, Johnson had to answer questions about the new revelations for the first time. Labor leader Keir Starmer and other opposition politicians are expected to grill the prime minister, who has previously claimed he did not know about such breaches of the coronary restrictions.

Conservative newspapers go against Johnson

Recent charges, however, appear to prove that Johnson was aware of the situation. Even the conservative newspapers are raging against the prime minister.

– Is the party facing the Prime Minister, asks the tabloid giant Daily Mail.

– Johnson loses support from conservatives, it says in Wednesday’s edition of the Daily Telegraph.

– It’s my party, and I can lie low as long as I want, writes the other tabloid giant, The Sun.

Johnson had hoped to get a fresh start in 2022, after a chaotic 2021 with allegations of corruption and camaraderie in addition to breaches of corona rules. He has appointed official Sue Gray to investigate the cases. In addition, the London police have been in contact with the Prime Minister’s office in connection with the company in May 2020.

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