Monday, May 23

China: he finds the Internet too slow, he sets fire to the transformer

In China, a man had some difficulty keeping his cool. Pushed to the limit by the slow Internet speed, he decided to externalize his anger by setting fire to a wiring box.

The facts, for which he has just been tried, occurred last June. The man wanted to use the Internet in a cafe, but the connection time was particularly long. Instead of expressing his displeasure with a few well-placed swear words, he armed himself with a lighter, and attacked the Internet transformer in the street.

Result: 4,000 homes and a public hospital were deprived of the Internet for more than 24 hours. The replacement of the transformer also cost 20,000 yuan (about 2,500 euros).

The man, named Lan, was identified by police by his lighter. He was tried by the court in Cenxi (in southern China) and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

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