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Complete chaos when the referee blew off Tunisia against Mali twice before full time

(Tunisia – Mali 0-1, not finished) Despite eight substitutions, two VAR situations and a drinking break, referee Janny Sikazwe blew off the settlement in the African Championship twice before full time. 40 minutes later the match starts again.

SCANDAL: Referee Janny Sikazwe does not listen to the protests from Tunisia coach Mondher Kebaier and one of the assistants.

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Mali leads 1-0 in the match against Tunisia in the African Football Championship after former Sarpsborg 08 player Ibrahima Koné scored on a penalty kick early in the second half.

It was still the referee and the match clock almost everything was about in this settlement that is now played finished.

The article is updated.

Tunisia was also awarded a penalty kick, which referee Janny Sikazwe from Zimbabwe ruled after studying the VAR pictures. But Mali goalkeeper Ibrahim Mounkoro saved the shot from Wahbi Khazri.

Then the referee blew the match just as well after 85 minutes and six seconds, but started it again when he saw the protests.

SCORING ON PENALTY: Ibrahima Kone scores from the penalty spot early in the second half.

A few minutes later, Mali was reduced to ten players when El Bilal Toure received a red card. Even then, the judge studied the VAR images before maintaining the red card.

In addition, the players had a break to cool off. Therefore, the surprise was great when the referee blew off the match again a few seconds before it was played 90 minutes.

Tunisian coach Mondher Kebaier frantically tried to protest, but was unsuccessful. The referee team was led by the court with 10-12 guards around it.

The match was played at Limbe Omnisport Stadium in Cameroon.

According to it Algerian journalist Maher Mezai the match must be restarted so that the allotted time can be played.

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