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Consumption. Five questions about the winter sales, which start this Wednesday

This Wednesday, January 12, is the kickoff of the winter sales 2022. These should last four weeks, until February 8. This commercial operation, appreciated by traders, loses its importance every year. And the fifth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic is not to arrange the business of professionals: in this context, some French people are promoting online sales to limit the risk of contamination in stores.

How long have the sales been?

The sales would have been invented by Simon Mannoury in 1830, the founder of the first Parisian department store which will become the famous “Bon Marché”. But it was not until 1906 to see the appearance of the first laws governing these periods of discounts. The law of December 30, 1906 relating to the sales of new goods thus indicates that “the sales favor an accelerated flow of goods in stock, copies of which have been offered for sale for at least a month and include a reduction in price, which can range from up to a resale at a loss, within the limit of the stock to be sold. The balances can only be realized during two periods per calendar year “.

When do they take place?

The sales take place twice a year, in January and from the end of June to the end of July. They began this Wednesday in most departments, but began on January 1 in Guadeloupe, and January 3 in Meurthe-et-Moselle, in Meuse, Vosges and Moselle to align with Luxembourg. They will also begin later in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon (January 19) and only in May in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélémy.

For how long ?

Since the Pacte law of 2019, their duration has been four weeks, in order to encourage consumers to take advantage of them more quickly. They previously lasted six weeks, but traders claimed insufficient stocks to be able to hold out during that period.

This year, the winter sales will end on Tuesday February 8, except in Lorraine where they will end on Saturday January 29 inclusive.

What are they for ?

The purpose of the balances is to sell the trader’s stock. The latter therefore cannot restock during this period. Sale products should be labeled with the displayed reference price.

This is the only period when the trader can sell at a loss, unlike other promotional periods which take place the rest of the year.

How popular today?

The sales are always appreciated by traders, who wished during the end of the year trade conference to maintain them in their current format. “The sales remain an expected moment for traders and important in terms of turnover”, explains Yohann Petiot, general manager of the Alliance du commerce, on BFM Business. “It’s the only moment that brings together all the business, big or small,” he adds.

But the sales are now much less expected by the French. According to an Invibes Advertising survey, only 51% of French people say they intend to make purchases during this period. The place of sales is still considered important after the health crisis by 61% of respondents, but 24% believe that its place is less important. In another Opinion Way survey for Marques avenues, 73% of those polled admitted that they did not differentiate between the various promotional operations (private sales, black friday, etc.) and sales.

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