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Covid-19: Self-tests, certificate … details of the new health protocol in schools – Faxinfo

Three self-tests, a single certificate of honor … the Government announced on Monday evening a further relaxation of the health protocol in schools.

One week, three protocols. Faced with the Covid-19 epidemic in schools and the criticisms that have been heard On the part of the parents of students and teachers, Jean Castex presented Monday evening, a new health protocol.

Three self-tests are sufficient

Since January 3, as soon as a case of Covid-19 is detected in a class, each student in the class had to be tested three times: a PCR or antigen test on D0, then self-tests on D + 2 and D +4. From now on, a simple self-test is sufficient on D0. However, it must always be renewed on D + 2 and D + 4.

The three self-tests will be free, thanks to a certificate issued by the school. But they will continue to be distributed only in pharmacies.

A child to pick up at the end of the day

Another novelty is that parents will no longer have to come and collect their child immediately as soon as it is declared a contact case. Now they can wait until the end of the day and the end of class to do so.

A single sworn statement

Parents had to certify on their honor the negative result of their child at each self-test. From now on, only one sworn certificate, certifying that the first self-test is negative, will be requested for a return to class.

What does not change …

One point of the protocol does not change: that corresponding to the last relaxation to date, which exempts from tests for 7 days the students who have already complied with the complete cycle D0 / D + 2 / D + 4 due to the contamination of a other child in the class. Concretely, this means that over the same period of 7 days, a pupil is not considered as a contact case of each infected comrade, but only of the first.

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