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Covid-19. Vaccination of children: France already (very) lagging behind

Why is it getting stuck

Many reasons still slow down the vaccination of the youngest in France.

Little or no incentives

Although focusing its entire strategy on vaccination, the government is walking on eggshells when it comes to children, and is very reserved on the subject: no large-scale campaign has been launched. The hammered “vaccinate yourself” among adults rather leaves room, for children, for a kind of “do as you see fit”. Nothing surprising in the midst of the presidential campaign … more surprising in the midst of the epidemic.

Reluctant parents

In fact, a survey carried out and published before the authorization of vaccination among 5-11 year olds showed that two out of three parents did not wish to vaccinate their own children. Only about half said they were in favor of immunizing children in general.

Too few places for vaccination

Volunteers discover that it is not possible to immunize children everywhere: it is possible in 505 centers across the country – a number that is set to increase. But the use of different doses (dosed at 10 µg against 30 for adults) adds a logistical constraint.

Meetings that are difficult to obtain

Another obstacle noted: for some parents, making an appointment more complex than expected, due to a lack of slots available on dedicated sites. Blame it on the accelerator both on vaccination in general for adults and on the booster dose.

A surprise decision by the Council of State

A legal constraint: against all expectations, the Council of State estimated, at the beginning of January, that the authorization of both parents would ultimately be necessary. What to slow down a little more the vaccination of the youngest, while sending a cloudy message: in doing so, the highest French administrative authority confers on this vaccination the character of “non-usual act” – likely to commit in the long term the child health. Vaccination usually belongs to the category of so-called “usual” acts, requiring the consent of only one parent.

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