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Employees in the Norwegian Police Directorate processed money applications to a disputed association of which they were members

At the same time, the association believes that handing over a new list of members is a gross violation of privacy.

The Police Directorate’s building at Majorstuen in Oslo.

In 2016, the Norwegian Police Directorate allocated 400,000 to a conference for the Norwegian Narcotics Police Association (NNPF).

NNPF applied for the money. The answer was signed by a department director and a section chief in the Police Directorate (POD). In addition, the name of the case officer was on the letter.

It now appears that both the section chief and the case officer himself have been members of NNPF.

POD confirms to Aftenposten that the section chief was an NNPF member in 2016. The case officer signed up at about that time to attend an NNPF conference. Otherwise he has been a passive member.

POD points out that the final decision in 2016 was made by a department head who was not a member.

NNPF states that they have around 3600 members in the police, the Customs, the prosecution, the Prison and Probation Service and the Armed Forces. The police in Norway have a total of around 13,000 employees.

Members also treated support in other years

NRK has revealed that between 2001 and 2018, NNPF received almost three million in support of its education conference. 1.5 of the millions were allocated from 2015 to 2018.

The same caseworker who processed the application in 2016 processed a new application in 2018. NOK 350,000 was granted this year.

A new section chief was involved in the case processing. This section chief was also a member of NNPF, he confirms himself. The ability was not assessed.

Bjørn Vandvik in the Police Directorate points out that they are waiting for an external review of the relationship between the police and NNPF. He writes to Aftenposten that they are prepared to clean up if the trust in the inhabitants is challenged.

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The Police Directorate had to provide access to the list of members

Several advocates of a more liberal drug policy are working to shed light on ties between the police and the NNPF. This is done, among other things, by asking for access to information from the police and about police employees. Several operate with anonymous accounts and share the findings on Twitter.

Last year, one of them asked for access to an overview of police officers who had received a pay cut from NNPF. In practice, this would mean a list of names of police officers who were members of the NNPF in 2020.

The Police Directorate did not want to hand over the list. They believed the information was confidential. They thought such a list would reveal the employees’ personal circumstances.

Just before Christmas, the Ministry of Justice decided that the police still had to hand out the overview with name and employee number (not service number. journ.anm.).

The ministry pointed out that the number of employees, around 3,000, was large. They believe membership in the association “can hardly say anything about the members’ political attitude”.

Trade union and NNPF respond: – Serious violation

Aftenposten has seen a message that NNPF on Tuesday should have sent out to its members. It states that the NNPF is completely unaware of how access to a list of names could be permitted.

– We found out about this via Twitter. We perceive the disclosure as illegal and a gross violation of the privacy of our 3,000 members. We are afraid they will be provoked and harassed on social media, or have other problems, says Jan Erik Bresil, chairman of the Norwegian Narcotics Police Association.

In social media, preferably on Twitter, the list of members is now used to point out how named employees in the police are NNPF members, at the same time as they have spoken to the media and dealt with cases of drugs and NNPF.

“We must be prepared for the information to be used by our opponents in their drug policy game,” the association wrote to its members.

The Norwegian Police Confederation is also skeptical.

– We rely on the answer that the Police Directorate gave first, where no access was given. We ask questions about what the membership register of NNPF should be used for, says leader Sigve Bolstad.

Social media also points out that the police chiefs in the East, Nordland and West police districts were members of the organization in 2020.


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