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Environment: Edeis Aéroport Saint-Martin Grand-Case and the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve present exhibitions and awareness stands with virtual reality – Faxinfo

The Managing Association of the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve, within the framework of the European LIFE BIODIV’OM program, presents and informs about its actions in favor of marine biodiversity and groupers in particular. It is hosted in the grounds of Saint-Martin Grand-Case Airport until the end of February 2022.

Giant groupers and Nassau groupers under threat

In decline in the region for several decades, populations of giant groupers and Nassau groupers are at risk. However, they have a fundamental role for the environment, by their function of superior predator in the food chain, but also in the economic and social life, by their consumption within our families, their uses for the restoration, and by the economic value they provide for tourism activities such as scuba diving. This is why these two species of grouper are the target species of the LIFE BIODIV’OM program.

A European program for the preservation of biodiversity in overseas territories: LIFE BIODIV’OM

The Managing Association of the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve is one of the 5 beneficiaries of this program, coordinated at the national level by the LPO. The Martinique white-throated mockingbird, the savannahs and the giant grouper from Guyana, the tuit-tuit from Réunion and the white crabeater from Mayotte are the other species of the 4 other beneficiary territories of the program. The exhibition provides you with all the information on the actions undertaken in the different territories.

Discover and support the other actions of the Management Association of the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve

From January to February 2022, come and discover some of the most emblematic marine animals inhabiting our waters, through 2 temporary exhibitions. This event, the result of a new partnership between the Association de Gestion de la Réserve Naturelle de Saint Martin and EDEIS, benefits from exceptional funding from the European Union (LIFE BIODIV’OM Program), the French State, the ‘OFB through the AGOA Marine Mammal Sanctuary and Contour Global.

Occasionally, a stand will also be hosted on site until February 28, allowing, among other things, the discovery of the seabed of Saint-Martin, via a virtual immersion experience (360 ° helmets).

The staff of the Nature Reserve will welcome you to answer your questions, assist you and provide you with brochures.

This new exhibition space will host other events from mid-2022. It will aim to raise awareness among travelers passing through Grand Case airport of the richness and fragility of our local biodiversity. It will also allow for those who wish it, to bring their support there by donations or their engagement as ecovolunteers.

Come and discover and support the actions of the National Nature Reserve of Saint-Martin.


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