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Everyday life. Sleeping with socks: that’s why it’s allowed

To wear socks in bed or not? The debate has started on TikTok since the release of a video claiming that people who wear them tend to fall asleep faster. The video, viewed almost 28 million times, was posted by young doctor Jessica Andrade. The American explains in particular that: “Wearing socks warms the feet. Having warm feet dilates the blood vessels that cool the body. And a chilled body tells the brain it’s time to go to bed. This is why, according to the scientist with a million subscribers, people who wear socks tend to fall asleep more quickly.

Socks, nightcap: love killers that help you fall asleep

If you have ever had difficulty falling asleep because your feet were cold, this is the reason. Dr. Andrade’s statement is validated by the results ofa study carried out in 2007 : Wearing socks helps you fall asleep because they help regulate body temperature and create a kind of “thermal niche”. This must be harmonious to allow joining the arms of Morpheus. And if some are real hot water bottles, others may have more difficulty warming up due to their blood circulation. So, if your feet or hands are frozen, the body has to spend energy to warm them up and bring them to the right temperature. Which is not conducive to falling asleep.

“Wearing socks to bed is a killer for many people,” concedes Benjamin Lubszynski, therapist and author of You can learn to sleep well (Rocher editions). “But this is the part of the body where we have the most energy loss. Socks help keep the temperature constant ”.

In fact, according to this specialist, to fall asleep quickly, “it would be necessary to cover all the extremities: feet, hands, and even the head with the famous nightcap”. An accessory that has not been used for a long time, and yet “it is not at all an aberration”. “When you look at the way we slept at the start of the 20th century, men wore a cap, socks and a nightgown,” says the creator of a YouTube channel with 364,000 subscribers dedicated to hypnosis in particular.

“At the time, we slept in rather cold rooms. To sleep, the body must be rather cool, because we need to lose a degree of body heat to fall asleep. It’s not good to be too hot. The healthiest thing is therefore not to turn up the heating in your room too much, but to cover its extremities.

To each his own technique

However, Internet users who commented on Dr. Andrade’s TikTok video do not think they will change their habits: wearing socks in bed is perceived by some as “embarrassing” and “uncomfortable” because their feet “do not breathe”, which wakes them up in the middle of the night. “I feel like I’m suffocating with socks in bed,” says one commentator. “If I fall asleep with socks on, I wake up sweating, and I’m very hot,” testifies another.

“There is never an absolute rule”, tempers Benjamin Lubszynsk. “At one time, it was said that taking a bath or a shower raised the body temperature and did not help to fall asleep, but it nevertheless gives some people a feeling of relaxation, of well-being. There are exceptions to everything. “In an interview with Figaro, the neurologist and sleep doctor Alexandre Aranda believes that to sleep better, some people still prefer to get a foot out of the bed. “It helps to lower or regulate body temperature.”

Why not put them before?

On the other hand, if you decide to adopt the socks, they must be made of a breathable material (cotton, cashmere, merino…) and not be too tight, so as not to hamper blood circulation. It is also possible to wear them an hour before bedtime and take them off once in bed. This helps keep the warmth of the feet without hindering the temperature regulation at night.

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