Monday, May 23

Extreme weather in parts of the country – but in the east it will be sunny

Extreme amounts of rain this week will be replaced by gray showers in the west and north, while Eastern Norway will get some sunshine next week.

The sun will peek out from the eastern mountains next week, warns the meteorologist, as here in Oslo in mid-December.

– The extreme weather with a lot of rain and strong winds calms down during Friday, and Western Norway south of Stad mostly gets cloudy, some rain, but not the large amounts, says state meteorologist Martin Granerud to NTB.

In between all the inquiries about the extreme weather Gyda – which applies to the so-called atmospheric river over central Norway and northwestern Norway – he takes time for some questions about the weekend weather and next week’s prospects. There will be a lot to clean up after all the water that comes this week, along with the wind, but fortunately there will be less rainfall from the weekend.

– In Central Norway, from Møre og Romsdal and up to Nordland, there will be building weather, mostly with rain. The snow line also creeps down during the weekend, down to 500 meters, he says.

Eastern Norway in shelter

Farthest to the north it seems to be mostly cloudy, with sleet or snow at times. It can be a little easier weather east of Finnmark and on the plateau.

The temperatures there will be down to 10-15 degrees Celsius, while on the coast of northern Norway it will be from a couple to 5-6 degrees below zero.

Next week there will still be low pressure and building weather, and it applies to almost the whole country, according to the meteorologist. Except in Eastern Norway.

– Østafjells will also be sheltered next week, so there will be periods of sunshine, but there may also be some precipitation. The snow probably disappears for the most part in urban areas, but in the field and in the mountains there is a lot of snow, says Granerud.

Ice crust poses a risk of landslides

However, due to the mild weather this week and colder weather this weekend, an ice crust will form on what is left of the snow. It can cause problems when there is a little more snow on top of the old one.

– The risk of avalanches will remain, even though it will hardly be at the red level, as it is now. There will be more layers in the snow, which gives greater risks of landslides being triggered, he warns.

He summarizes the weather in the rest of the country at the beginning of next week in this way:

– Cloudy, with some precipitation in showers. Sleet and snow in the mountains, while on the coast in the south it comes as rain or hail.

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