Sunday, May 22

Fuels: another record spike in prices

The year 2022 is off to a bad start for motorists. Prices at the pump are soaring again and reaching levels rarely reached.

In just one month, prices per liter have increased on average by just over 7.5 cents for diesel, 6 cents for unleaded 98, nearly 7 cents for unleaded 95.

With this increase, prices hit new records: € 1.62 per liter for diesel, € 1.77 for unleaded 98 and € 1.71 for unleaded 95.

Fuel is even more expensive than before the yellow vests crisis of 2018: + 5.5% for diesel, + 9.5% for unleaded 98 and + 11.8% for unleaded 95.

The government is counting on temporary inflation due to strong demand and is not considering any measures at this stage.

Last October, when fuel prices reached new heights, Jean Castex announced the payment to 38 million French people of an “inflation allowance” of € 100.

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