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Iversen overtrained: – It feels unfair, why the hell should I not tolerate this?

Tests show that Emil Iversen (30) has gone on a training spree. But he has great faith that he will be able to make it to the Olympics.

NUMBER 59: Emil Iversen finished over three minutes behind Iivo Niskanen in the 15 kilometer classic in Lenzerheide’s tiny New Year’s Eve.

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The cross-country skiers went to Seiser Alm from Gardermoen on Wednesday morning. Emil Iversen travels after next Monday.

– Had the Olympics been this weekend, it would not have happened, says Emil Iversen.

It has always been the plan that Iversen will travel to the heights and Olympic precamp later than his teammates.

– I will not elaborate on what we have found out on the tests, but I have gone on a little training bang. I have stretched the stick a little far, says Emil Iversen to VG.

With success from the World Cup in Oberstdorf behind him and the dream of the Olympics in Beijing in sight, he wanted a little too much. It got too tough in late fall. He became too eager when he could find the skis.

– Autumn is the toughest period. Then things must be very good. But I pushed a little too hard. It feels unfair, why the hell should I not tolerate this? says Iversen.

He writes it on the account for a lesson. En sur en.

– It’s the sum of everything. There are a thousand factors that come into play. The tougher training costs, our team has trained hard, there have been some extremely tough sessions, says Iversen to VG.

His competitive instinct made him throw himself into more sessions and push harder than he should.

– I thought this would go well. But I’ve tried a little too hard. On the other hand, this is top sport and it is the Olympics, you have to guess a little, says Iversen.

World Champion

Last season, the 30-year-old was from Meråker world champion at five miles and relay. He started this season with two podium places during the national cross-country opening at Beitostølen. He was second best Norwegian with 7th place at 15 kilometers classic in the World Cup opening in Finland, but then it got heavy.

The Tour de Ski went from bad to worse. He started the tour with a 35th place in the sprint prologue, followed up with a 59th place in the 15-kilometer classic, before finishing 17th in the 15-kilometer joint start.

He is optimistic and has great faith that it can loosen up for the Olympics. And if it loosens up, he is strong in the belief that he is more than good enough to fight for a medal.

– Now I have found out what this is. It was discovered a month before the first race of the Olympics. I wish things had gone smoothly and that I could just knock on, but I think there’s enough time for it to turn around. I will train relatively normally, I take away the extreme, the toughest sessions. Now it will be pleasurable and not too long sessions, I will build up the body, Iversen says to VG.

The 30-year-old from Meråker was at the Olympic summit in Oslo last Tuesday and checked lungs, blood and lactate, after he canceled the Tour de Ski and went home.

– Must approach level

National team coach Eirik Myhr Nossum is happy they have received answers to the tests.

– Emil must approach the level when the Olympics are on the stairs. The tests have shown that the physical is there. It’s not about physics, says Nossum.

The national team coach believes Iversen has a bit to work with mentally.

– It is easier to be tall and dark when you have won all the ski races. It is easier to make the right choices when you have self-confidence, says Nossum.

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Some runners have received the go-ahead for the Olympic race. Some races are also filled with a full quota of four runners who have been told to prepare to go.

– How will Iversen now qualify for the Olympic race?

– I am opposed to test races, but we will have hard sessions in Seiser Alm where we see how the form is, Nossum answers.

Iversen should not really go on the Tour de Ski, now he thinks it is the irony of fate that it is the tour that made him slow down in time, take tests at the Olympic summit and set a new course for the Olympics.

– Now I can do something. My body does not have normal weather, I have to take some action. During the tour, I received no response from my body. I did not recognize it. It’s not fun. Then you become defensive. But it turns around quickly if I feel like I’m flying a little, says Iversen.

The Norwegian runners leave Seiser Alm in northern Italy for Munich and fly home on the 26th. The next day they fly to Beijing.

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